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The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On November 18, 2022

Don’t be surprised if someone tells you to shut up today, and even though that sounds rude and a bit harsh, the real problem with today is that we may just deserve to be told to put a lid on it.

We’re looking at the effect of Moon square Mars when placed in orbit with the Sun sextile Pluto. This double whammy of transits is here to test our patience.

It’s going to feel as though there’s always someone around to ‘dare’ us into some kind of action, and this action will result in us cursing everyone out. Mars, you wacky warrior, you, why are you always messing with our heads?

Sun sextile Pluto isn’t really much better than this is the transit that will make us feel justified in our actions, even if those actions are wrong. That’s where the spewing starts: we will fight back with hurtful words on this day, and it’s almost a guarantee that our words will find a way to hurt us, in return.

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What’s worse is that even if we recognize that we’ve perhaps gone too far, we’ll simultaneously know that we’ve taken it all too far. No going back on this one, signs.

So, for all of us who might be considered blowhards, we will see our day rise and fall today, November 18, 2022.

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