install windows 10 64 bit VirtualBox

install windows 10 64 bit VirtualBox

Download and install virtualbox windows 10 64 bit

after installed Oracle VM VirtualBox and want create new virtual machine windows 10 64 bit , i find that only 32 bit operation systems allowed in drop menu , after some research i find that this problem caused because settings from bios so let's see how to fix this and install windows 10 ...

Enable Intel Virtualization Technology Bios

in order to create windows 10 64 bit with Oracle VM VirtualBox you have to enable Intel Virtualization Technology From Bios , i cant tell you how to enable that because every computer model have a different bios interface the only thing i can tell you , when you open your computer , before even load windows you have to press F2 or F12 or Del this is the most used key to enter to bios and check your CPU setting and you must find Intel Virtualization Technology and enable it ... and of course Intel Virtualization Technology available for new machine , because old machine will be very low and the will not be able to run windows inside windows ... for my computer case i find Intel Virtualization Technology and i enable it .

Windows 10 64 bit VirtualBox available

after i enable Intel Virtualization Technology save and restart my computer , open VirtualBox again now windows 64 bits available and solved . we are ready to create a new virtual machine .

Windows 10 64 bit create virtual machine

just start Oracle VM VirtualBox and create new virtual machine select system windows 10 64 bit , after you get get a basic step just create virtual hard drive and adjust memory for the virtual machine after you finish you have to insert windows 10 Cd inside your Dvd or simply you can use your windows 10 Iso file .

Virtualbox windows 10 Iso

To insert windows 10 Iso go to setting press storage select windows 10 Iso inside controller Sata press OK and start the machine , now you have to install windows 10 .

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