How to change asus load screen logo bios

How to change asus load screen logo bios

Asus update bios logo

with asus EZ Update Change logo you can change and update asus load screen logo as you want, the supported image file is jpg and bmp, if your asus computer support EZ Update then this tool will work otherwise no, this tool work with all modern asus computer.

Download asus EZ Update Change logo

To Download asus EZ Update Change logo below:

Asus update bios logo main interface

asus ez update logo change interface contain 6 button: first button Load image this button is to load bios image file not jpg or png file, Save Logo: after loading the bios file Save Logo will be enabled and you will be able to export the load screen file from the bios file, Browse button also will be enable if you insert bios image file when you click browse you will import a new logo jpg bmp after you select your logo click Replace logo, and of course after you replaced the logo you must create a new bios file using Save Image As the new bios file use to update your bios, lets see step per step how you do it.

Browse asus bios file

The supported asus bios file is .fd .rom .fv .cap, click Load image select the file type in my case .cap and select the file.cap from the drive and click open.

Asus export the current logo

why you have to export logo ? you must export because the dimension of the new logo you must create the same width and height as the old logo, to backup the default logo click Save Logo select location and click save .

Asus import new bios logo

To import new logo click in Browse and select a new jpg bmp file you want import and click open the file location will be imported, after you import that file you have to click Replace Logo you will get a Warning! replacing logos may invalidate secure flash signature just click Ok, in this step you didn't replace logo you just defined that you will replace the logo, if you close Ez Update Change logo in this step your logo will not change.

Asus export new bios image

The last step after change logo you have to create a new bios image file, to do that you have to click over Save image As, and create new Bios image file, the next time when you update your bios with new logo use the new image file not the old.

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