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Pancreatic cancer, not poison ivy, caused man’s itching

dr Erika Kube

The physician’s assistant I was working with in the emergency department had gone to see a patient for a complaint of itching and told me that something didn’t feel right. Brian had been having issues with itching for the past several weeks and neither Benadryl nor a steroid prescription from his family doctor had helped. He had a bad reaction to poison ivy in the past and figured he had come into contact with it again, even though he hadn’t done any recent yard work.

Brian said he had been feeling a bit fatigued over the past few weeks and had been taking naps, which was unusual for him. He said his appetite was good, but once he started eating he would feel full much sooner than ever before. He thought maybe his stomach wasn’t right from the medications he was taking. His wife told him he needed to come to the emergency department to be evaluated.

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