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Monkeypox spreads to Scotland, Wales and NI as cases rise – live

WHO doctor explains how monkeypox spread among humans

Two further cases of monkeypox have been recorded in Scotland, officials have said. It brings the total number of infections north of the border to three.

Earlier today Northern Ireland and Wales recorded their first cases. The UK Health Security Agency said the risk to the general population remains low despite the rising number of infections.

Officials at the health body also said that they have secured more than 20,000 vaccines to treat monkeypox.

Imavanex, a smallpox vaccine, can also be used to treat monkeypox . The vaccine will be offered to identified close contacts of people diagnosed with monkeypox, the body added.

There are now believed to be 81 cases of monkeypox in the UK.


What is the difference between monkeypox and chickenpox?

Although the two diseases share many symptoms, there are several key differences, Rebecca Thomas, our health correspondent, writes,

Read Rebecca’s full report here:

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 19:45


Five bizarre monkeypox conspiracy theories debunked

My colleague Thomas Kingsley debunks some conspiracies surrounding he monkeypox virus:

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 18:45


Where is monkeypox in the US?

Monkeypox has now been detected in six US states, after health officials in Washington and California announced separately they were investigating suspected cases in two patients.

Which states is it in and where could it spread to?

My colleagues Gino Spocchia, Rachel Sharp, Bevan Hurley report:

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 18:00


ICYMI: Charities warn against stigmatization of gay and bisexual groups amid outbreak

Charities and campaign groups have warned against the stigmatization of gay and bisexual people during the monkeypox outbreak.

To date, a total of 71 cases have been detected in the UK, a notable proportion of which have been identified among gay and bisexual men, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

Our senior news correspondent Samuel Lovett reports:

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 16:45


Scotland cases being treated and risk remains low

Public Health Scotland has confirmed the individuals are now receiving care and treatment and close contacts are being identified and provided with health information and vaccines where appropriate.

Dr Nick Phin, director of public health science and medical director at Public Health Scotland, said the risk to the public is low.

He added: “Public Health Scotland (PHS) is working with NHS boards and wider partners in Scotland and the UK to investigate the source of these infections.

“We have well-established and robust infection control procedures for dealing with such cases of infectious disease and these are being strictly followed.

“Anyone with an unusual blister-like rash or small number of blister-like sores on any part of their body, including their genital area, should avoid close contact with others and seek medical advice if they have any concerns.”

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:52


Two further cases record in Scotland

Two further cases of monkeypox have been recorded in Scotland, officials have said.

It brings the total number of infections north of the border to three.

Wales and Northern Ireland recorded their first registered cases earlier today.

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:37


Recap: Signs and symptoms of Monkeypox

What are the signs and symptoms of Monkeypox and what should you look out for?

My colleague Joe Sommerlad reports:

Our video team also put together this short video clip explaining everything you need to know:

Monkeypox: How does the virus spread and what are the symptoms?

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:30


Two further cases recorded in Scotland

Two further cases of Monkeypox have been recorded in Scotland, officials said.

It brings the total number of infection logged north of the border to three.

Wales and Northern Ireland registered their first cases earlier today.

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:29


Virologist Dr Sarah Pitt to answer your questions

A reminder that virologist Dr Sarah Pitt is answering your questions on the monkeypox virus.

Pop your questions in the comments section of the article below and Dr Pitt will answer as many as she can:

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:11


Africa CDC warns against monkeypox vaccine hoarding

The acting director of Africa’s top public health agency said on Thursday that he hoped vaccine hoarding, as seen by wealthier nations during the Covid pandemic, would not be repeated with the current monkeypox outbreak.

Monkeypox, a usually mild viral infection, is endemic in the African countries of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria and now spreading throughout the rest of the world.

“Vaccines should go to where it is needed the most and equitably, so based on risk, and not on who can be able to buy it,” Ahmed Ogwell Ouma, acting director of the Africa Center for Disease Control and Prevention, told a weekly press briefing on Thursday.

“We are working with all our member states on the continent to step up surveillance for monkeypox,” he said.

Matt Mathers26 May 2022 15:00

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