Replay League of Legends Old Patch Solved

Replay League of Legends Old Patch Solved

League of legends one of most free popular multiplayer games this game get huge traffic day after day , this strategic game because one of most succesful games of all time maybe because it's free or maybe because it's very attractive games , at this game you will play a match average 15 min to 60 min , Riot allow you to download and re watch your games after you play it , but patch after patch you will not be able to rewatch your games from last patch ,so let's see how to fix this and how to keep watching your replay even after new patch coming ...

League of Legends new patch

as all league of legends players know that patch is improvement or change in the games , and if you are little good in development langue you will find that every change you made in your code you have to compile your program again , and that's exactly what happen , after every change riot made , League of legends.exe will change and also the source code will be changed , so the idea here is to save all your entire league of legends folder before every new patch , that's mean : of course riot notify us before every patch they write ranked queue will be disable preparing to patch x.xx , so when you see that you have to create a copy of your league of legends folder rename it to patch name , and when the next patch will come you will have a new patch and your old patch will be saved , and there you can replay your old games ..

League of legends replay file

what is league of legends replay files , is file that doesn't contain a video as you all expect , it contain game progress and what happen during the game ..

Where is League of Legends rofl

to find your league of legends replay file you have to go your league of legends replay path you can find that from your league of legends client press setting button in top right corner then go replay and usually it's document/League of Legends /Replays : and there you will find list of .rofl file like this EUW12345678.rofl :EUW is the server 12345678 is the match id and rofl is the extension of the file .

How to open league of legends rofl file

to open your league of legends replay file .rofl you have to open it with the suitable client , if you don't know what' client your file use you can open it with notepad and you will find the client version , to watch your league of legends replay using .rofl file you have to navigate to your league of legends folder navigate to this path " change every patch " : Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy\ copy and paste your .rofl file from document/League of Legends /Replays to the deploy path , drag and drop .rofl file over league of legends.exe if your rofl file compatible with the client version the game will open . else you will have incompatible version .

Where download league of legends old patch

if you forget to backup league of legends old patch in this website we are uploading every new patch , you can download and replay and enjoy your old replay .

Download league of legends expired replay

if your replay expired and the replay you want download still in the match history , in this case you can download your old replay , but if your match not found at the last 20 match history in this case there is now way until now ... what to do is to replace temporarily league of legends.exe at this path Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy\ , example if your replay in patch 1.1 and you are now in patch 1.2 you have to replace only league of legends.exe from patch 1.2 with league of legends.exe from 1.1 restart your league of legends client now you will be able to download your replay after you download , you have to replace back your league of legends.exe at patch 1.2 .

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