How to open rofl file league of legends

How to open rofl file league of legends

What is .rofl file league of legends

.rofl file is league of legends replay match file, this file use to open league of legends replays, and using this file you will be able to watch your replay at any time, this file size maximum 30 mb for league of legends match 60 min if you record a match using record video 60 min will be at least 1 gb if you are playing league of legends daily and you want record your match imagine 10gb for 10 match, this file doesn't contain any video or any audio it's just contain match progression information .

Where is league of legends replay file .rofl

Usually league of legends replay file path located in document inside league of legends replay folder, if you change that path and you want know it, you can open league of legends client click over setting icon at top right corner under Games click on Replays there is 2 path league of legends replay path for .rofl file and league of legends highlights path the video game as you know that you can record game when you replaying it the bad news the highlight a very bad video quality.

Open .rofl file using notepad

If you want know .rofl file client version you can open the .rofl file using notepad in the top of the file there it is gameversion: 8.21.

How to open .rofl file and watch league of legends match

To open your match and start watching your replay games, go to the replay path where you find the .rofl files copy any file and navigate to league of legends deploy folder usually it's installed in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy (this number change every patch) paste the .rofl file there, to open this file drag and drop the .rofl file over league of legends.exe wait 2 second and replay will start.

Replay version does not match game version

If your replay created with older version, you have to own the older client version or the replay will not work and you will get an error message, This replay was created by a older version of League of Legends(8.21). You are running version 8.20. These versions are incompatible. The game will now exit. To get older version check the website update.

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