league of legends patch 8.16 download

league of legends patch 8.16 download

Download league of legends old patch

League of legends 8.16 old patch used to replay old match correspond the old client , if you have .rofl file that created with patch 8.16 it will not work with any other client no 8.17 or 8.15 here we are delivering patch 8.16 that used to open league of legends replay from patch 8.16 .

Download League of legends patch 8.16

Download link available in Mediafire , the archive is about 7.8 Gb download 15 part 500 mb and part with 300 mb download all the 16 part put them inside the same folder and extract them .

How to replay league of legends match from patch 8.16

After download all part and extract them go to this folder : Riot Games 8.16\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy copy your .rofl file inside that folder drag and drop .rofl file over league of legends.exe and enjoy if you want more instruction visit our article about how to open league of legends old replay

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