Download league of legends expired replay

Download league of legends expired replay

Enable to download legends of legends expired and outdated replay

After new league of legends new patch the old patch replay will not work and you cant even download expired replay, in other topic we write how to replay old league of legends old and outdated replay in this topic we will talk about how to download league of legend expired replay.

League of legends expired replay

If your replay available in last 20 match in your league of legends games history, and the expired replay must be at more after 15 day from the new patch because after that the replay will expire also in riot server, in new patch when league of legends client detect incompatible version of League of legends.exe located in deploy folder, your match will be disabled and you will not be able to download.

Where is League of legends deploy folder

Usually league of legends deploy folder located in this path C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\RADS\solutions\lol_game_client_sln\releases\\deploy .

Change league of legends.exe in deploy folder

To be able to download league of legends expired game, close league of legends client if it's open, Keep a backup of the current League of Legends.exe from the deploy in another folder, next copy and replace it with League of legends.exe with compatible League of legends.exe of the expired replay.

Download League of legends old replay

Now you will be able to download the expired replay, after you download it, don't open it with the current client because only the League of legends.exe from expired patch and other files from new patch, and if you want replay this old expired replay read other topic about replaying old file.

Replace league of legends.exe back

After you download your replay from expired patch you have to change back the League of legends.exe or the new game will not work.

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