Set up a third party url for your blogger

Set up a third party url for your blogger

What is blogger custom domain or third party url

When you create blog using blogger you will get a free domain , and this domain is hard to remember and for that google give the possibility to change that domain to your preferred domain name, but today after you want change blogger domain to your custom domain, you will get error message : Whoops, that's and error! (bX-ivg2ek) , let's see how to setup domain step par step .

Blogger custom blog url

To edit blogger domain to login into your blogger account go to setting under publishing click Set up a third party url for your blog.

Enter your owned domain

In text box enter domain that you already owned, you must insert the domain as, not blogger will not accept naked domain, you have to instert a www, or a subdomain.

Whoops, that's and error! (bX-ivg2ek)

After select your domain and click save, if your domain not registered in google webmaster and not you are not verified that you are the ownership of that domain you will get error message: Whoops, that's and error! (bX-ivg2ek). and to solve that you have to verify that you own that domain, keep this window open.

Verify ownership of domain to use in blogger

To verify you own a domain to be able to use it in blogger, you have go to google webmaster Google Webmasters Verification and verify that you own that domain first step is Add Propriety there you have to insert your owned domain and click continue.

Google webmaster verification domain ownership

After insert your domain you will redirect to a verification methods, the basic method is to copy google site verification and paste it in your DNS zone inside Text record in your domain cpanel, keep this window open.

Add text record for google site verification

To insert your google site verification text, login in your domain cpanel under ZONE DNS add Text record, and paste the verification code that you got from google webmaster.

Google domain ownership verification

After you insert your google site verification in your DNS ZONE go back again to google webmaster and click verify, if there is no problem and you insert correctly Text record inside your DNS ZONE you will get, a verification ownership message.

Submit domain in blogger

After you verified your domain in your google webmaster now you have to go back to blogger and insert your domain again, now your domain is affected and Whoops, that's and error! (bX-ivg2ek) solved.

Redirect also non www

If you will use your full domain in blogger www and non www version you have to redirect non www to www, to do that click Edit and check redirect to and press save. now your domain is affected to blogger but it will not work, because you need to insert more google instruction inside your DNS ZONE.

Insert google DNS RECORD in your DNS ZONE

The google site verification inside your DNS ZONE not enough to make your blogger website work, you have to insert CNAME record and 4 A record,,, . Remember if you already have A record in your DNS ZONE as in this figure, you have to delete it or your website will not redirect to blogger.

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