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Best VALORANT agents to play on Lotus

For the shot-callers and strat-makers of VALORANT, there’s probably nothing more exciting than the day a new map drops. And that day will come again on Jan. 10, 2023, when Lotus is released at the launch of Episode Six.

Lotus, which is set in India and heavily inspired by ancient Indian rock-cut architecture, features a three-site layout similar to Haven, with two rotating temple doors that swing around and alert everyone when used, plus a breakable door at the A link between A main and the B site.

After some extensive testing, combined with some feedback from pros and content creators, we’ve got a solid early list of some of the most optimal agents to run on Lotus.

Best agents to play on Lotus


Omen’s pinpoint smoke placement abilities combined with his teleporting abilities make him a prime candidate for any Lotus composition. On defense, an early smoke on an attacker-side chokepoint can allow himself and other teammates to get to an aggressive off-angle more safely. On attack, throwing a smoke down on A stairs is the gateway to a successful A site execute.

Lotus has plenty of corners and cubbies to teleport to and hide in as well, and most corridors, hallways, and even sites are narrow enough for Paranoia to have a strong effect in most scenarios.


VALORANT’s newest agent fits nicely into any composition on Lotus, which makes sense given that the new map is essentially Harbor’s home ground. The control Harbor has over its High Tide water wall makes walling off the multiple angles on the site easier. And for wider choke points that other controllers can’t cover with a single use of their smokes, his Cascade is perfect. Cove is also a terrific piece of utility for any save or pistol round, as is his reckoning ultimate given the small size of the sites.


There are plenty of potential post-plant Snakebite line-ups on Lotus for Viper, and on a three-map site like this, the map control that Viper can exert using her Toxic Screen and Poison Cloud is exceptionally valuable. As mentioned above in the Omen section, the sites on Lotus are not that big, which makes her Viper’s Pit ultimate, even after recent nerfs, that much more useful.


On Lotus, you’re likely going to see a lot of aggression from both defenders and attackers as they try to get control of the main areas leading to sites and Lotus’ trademark rotating doors. Therefore, having Breach almost feels like a necessity to slow down the opponent’s aggressiveness. In addition, Breach’s Rolling Thunder ultimate is one of the best ultimates you could have on Lotus if you’re going for a site execute or a retake.


Of the recon initiators like Skye, KAY/O, and Sova, the most useful on Lotus appears to be Fade. With all the different hiding spots and corners to camp out in, utility like Sova’s recon dart and Skye’s Guiding Light can be easier to dodge than on other maps. The amount of area a Fade Haunt can cover is very useful, especially for areas like A main and C main, and like Breach, her ultimate is a great kickstart to any execute or retake.


With three sites to deal with as a defender, having Killjoy utility in place to completely choke off the entry to one significantly reduces the burden on the rest of the team. On top of that, with so many angles and corners in the areas outside a small site, a Killjoy Lockdown is extremely powerful in executes or retakes.


With early aggression likely to be a theme on Lotus, who better to anchor that aggression than Jett? With either an Operator or a rifle, Jett can get an early kill or even just information and dash back to safety, and there are so many elevated spots that she can reach with ease to catch opponents off guard across the entire map.

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