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Best Cheap Pet Insurance Of 2022

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Pet insurance is a good tool for minimizing vet care costs. While the cost of coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company, you can usually expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars per year to cover your pet for accident- and illness-related problems such as a torn ligament or heart disease.

We analyzed rates from 5 insurers to help you find the best cheap pet insurance.

1. Pets Best

Pets Best combines great coverage with a good price. Its wide range of deductible choices helps you budget for possible claims.

Pro and Cons
+ Ample range of deductible choices
+ Accident coverage waiting period of only 3 days
+ Can pay your vet directly if the vet agrees, so you don’t have to pay yourself and wait for reimbursement
+ Multipet discount of 5% per pet
+ Routine wellness plans available
+ Has a 24/7 pet telehealth line
6-month waiting period for coverage of cruciate ligament issues

Average costs

Average cost for 3-month-old puppy:
$28/month for unlimited annual coverage

Average cost for 3-year-old dog:
$33/month for unlimited annual coverage